Gear Review – The Gerber Recon Flashlight

By Joe Arterburn

This is a compact and versatile flashlight that allows you to dial in your choice of light color to match the needs of your situation. With the appropriately named D.I.A.L. (Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens), this ingenious design lets you choose white light for general lighting situations; red for illumination while preserving night vision (and red is less likely to alarm wildlife); green for map reading, illuminating trails, and general use while also being less intrusive and alarming to wildlife; and blue for illuminating blood trails. Blood and body fluids glow under blue light, illuminating the path when blood trailing to recover an animal.

Ruggedly built with a sturdy aluminum frame, this flashlight is lightweight (only 2.6 ounces), and the perfect size that makes it easy to always keep handy in a pocket or pack. Great for everyday carry. Runs on one AA alkaline battery, which with the bright but energy-saving LED bulb, will last up to four hours. The three lumens of light it produces delivers reliable, serviceable light without being annoying or overbearing, especially as you dial to the more muted colors. Hunters appreciate its versatility and rugged tactical design.