All over the country there are hunter's education instructors dedicated to teaching new hunters. They devote their time and pass on their passion to ensure future hunters are well-educated and keep safety their number one priority. This page is our thank you the instructors for keeping the hunting community growing with safety in mind.  




Currently an eight-year instructor for South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDMR), Jack teaches in over seven counties with travel times to teach totaling over 200 hours for the year.

He has overcome a number of barriers both inside and outside the normal constrains of teaching a Hunter Education course in his short career as a volunteer for Hunter Education. Building relationships with the Kershaw County Soil Conservation Board, Jack obtained a free site for classes with lunches provided.

Outside of the classroom, Jack serves as line judge at the State Final NASP program in Columbia, and is a huge contributor and coordinator of the Take One Make One (TOMO) youth hunting events. He’s set up two deer hunts and one turkey hunt for a total of 150 students, Jack has started other hunting clinics to teach new hunters about the different types of game that can be hunted. Already this year planning youth turkey hunts with NWTF Wateree chapter.

Jack was also instrumented in working on a committee with SC State House of Representative Laurie S. Funderburk to help organize the start of a shotgun shooting team at North Central High School. In his position as Member of the Wateree Chapter Friends of the NRA, he was instrumental in getting this new sport adopted into the schools.

Captain Billy Downer of South Carolina states, Jack uses hands-on techniques really ingrain safe product and firearm use in the field. He is a major contributor to teaching our students safe and ethical hunting in the field, and he makes every effort to have his live range experiences meaningful and impactful. Jack is a trend-setter, and a consistent dependable asset to the state of South Carolina and it’s Hunter Education programs.”

Thank you Jack for going above and beyond for all of the newcomers to this fantastic sport of hunting.

Jack’s Involvement

  • Hunter Education Volunteer of the year 2011, 2013, 2014

  • Region 2 HE Instructor of the year for the last four years

  • Averages 1 education class per month in addition to all of the hands-on hunts that he hosts

  • TOMO pacesetter

  • DU clinic teacher

  • Sets up youth turkey hunts with the NWTF Wateree chapter

  • NRA Instructor

  • NWTF Jakes Program Coordinator


Brian Thurston

IHEA-USA Gladney Davidson Award: This is the highest award given to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the field of hunter education that exhibits excellence in hunter education and those involved with its programs. Brian Thurston began working closely with the IHEA in 1991 and has had a dedicated vision for hunter education for the past 27 consecutive years. Brian is part of the IHEA-USA Foundation Board and has been innovative in getting the IHEA-USA moving forward with partnerships and really helped make the IHEA-USA what it is today.

Presented to: Brian Thurston, Focus Group, Inc.

Presenter: James Reed


Promatic Team

IHEA-USA Industry Award: This award is presented to any member of industry that exhibited outstanding support of the IHEA-USA and its mission. This effort should have been active and innovative in fostering new ideas in Hunter Education and that, by virtue of personal staff efforts, professional advice, or financial assistance, has helped the Hunter Education movement in a superior way. Recipients may be selected more than once.

Presented to: Promatic



From Great Bend, Kansas, Tim has 23 years experience as a Kansas Hunter Volunteer Instructor. He has been instrumental in developing Internet assisted classes in the state, and his volunteer time commitment to Kansas programs is noteworthy and remarkable.

Giving not only of his time, but also of his own experiences, Tim has traveled around Kansas helping instructors efficiently structure their specific programs many times with space limitations and minimal field day assets in an effort to help them offer the best Hunter Education learning experience possible in their areas. Because of these efforts, he has been invaluable to the continued growth of Kansas programs.

As President of the KHEIA, Tim also developed an essay program for young hunters that took retention into hunting to a new level. Three winners of the essay would receive a new semi-auto CZ youth shotgun, and an opening day pheasant hunt. All costs were covered by KHEIA and has been a proven outreach, recruitment, and retention device confirming the students in these area s a hunters.

Tim is known statewide for his availability and consistency. He is a man that “practices what he preaches” in the field, and is always willing to give to help new hunters begin their lifetime of hunting.

Kent Barrett, Kansas Administrator states, “Tim grew up in a small community and loves to hunt. He wants other people to enjoy the same opportunities that he enjoyed as a youth. He simply wants to give back what he was blessed with as a young man: experiences outdoors with nature.”

Thank you, Tim for giving back.

Tim’s Involvement:

  • 1991-Present             Kansas Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor

  • 1998-Present            KS HE Area Coordinator

  • 2003-Present            KS HE Board of Directors

  • 2007-Present            KS HE Instructor Advisory Committee

  • 2008-2010                President of KS Hunter Ed Instructor Assn

  • 2011-Present             Regional Representative and Liaison to HE Programs

  • March 2014               Kansas Statewide Instructor of the year

Other Organizational involvement: Pheasants Forever, NRA Youth day events