Accidents happen. As safe hunters and shooters, we pray that they never happen on a live range, plinking, or in the field…but they can and they do.

Have you ever considered that as a hunter, range officer, or target shooter, what you would do if there were an accidental discharge that left someone near you gunshot? Would you know what to do? Do you even have all the tools possible at your disposal to help someone in this type of situation?

Enter MyMedic.


Known for creating extraordinary, portable first aid kits, MyMedic is now committed to you—the hunter and shooter—with their new kit, the RangeMedic. We were lucky enough to get an Advanced RangeMedic in the mail today, and let us tell you what, there is no way that we want to be anywhere around firearms without it. They do offer a smaller, more compact range trauma kit, but if you are looking for a kit that covers everything and gives you all the tools possible for saving lives, this is the kit that we recommend.

The first aid experts at MyMedic designed this first aid trauma kit for shooters and hunters by using range injury data, field-testing with firearms professionals and advisors from the professional medical community to cover any range day mishap from minor to catastrophic. It is well thought-out, and covers everything from burns to bleeding, medications to skin protectants, and tools to get whatever emergency job you need handled done.

The kit is intense, including chest seals, an easy-to-grab removable/portable tourniquet (no floundering around looking for a tourniquet in bag during emergencies), quick clots, and SalJet Bullet Wound Wash, among dozens of items to help you handle an accidental shooting. There is even a little Pepto Bismol to help your stomach recover from the shock of having to use this kit.

 Measuring 5”x 5”x9”, the Advanced RangeMedic is also compact, fits in any pack, and has a variety of attachment options including Velcro, and a variety of straps and molle attachments. Available in black and coyote, the Advanced RangeMedic retails at $150.00. Right now, MyMedic offers you, our readers, 20% off retail on the RangeMedic kits.

Just head on over to and use the promo code SAFEHUNTING on your order.

GEARTerrence Gordon