By: Joe Aterburn

Handloaders are praising Redding’s line of Premium Die Sets, which include easy-to-appreciate upgrades from their standard dies. Not that there’s anything wrong with their standard dies, but Redding saw a need for a step up, something between their standard dies and their advanced Type-S Bushing and Comp dies.

“We were looking at a big hole in the line of products between our standard dies and our Type-S Bushing and Comp dies,” said Redding Executive Vice President Robin Sharpless. Plus, Sharpless said, the price is reasonable and fills the “better” gap between good and best, giving the reloader “who is moving up the accuracy ladder a mid-point on the journey.”

The bushing and comp dies are advanced, at the top of the reloading ladder. “They are great and give amazing results, but your handloading skills and patience need to attain a certain level to use them correctly,” Sharpless said.

The need for a mid-point became obvious as Redding recognized their customers were adding large numbers of these accessories as they increased their reloading knowledge, and their expectations from their handloaded ammunition similarly increased. So the Premium series was born, with the standard sizing dies upgraded with a free-floating carbide expander, and the standard seating dies upgraded with a micrometer-adjustable seat plug. The free-floating carbide expander button reduces stress on the case neck, which many handloaders believe improves overall concentricity. The micrometer-adjustable seat stem allows for precise seating depth to 1/0.001 inch, adding to handloaders’ ability to find and repeat exact bullet jump that results in the best possible accuracy. The three-die Premium Deluxe set includes the sizing and seating dies as well as a neck-sizing die. And to top it off, they come in cool, distinctive black and gold boxes.

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