It’s finally happened! Hunters can embrace modern apps in their hunting journey. It wasn’t that hunting apps didn’t exist before. It wasn’t even that they weren’t useful, really. But now there are a plethora of apps that actually create a harmonious value proposition for the modern hunter—without sacrificing the primal, traditional facets of the hunting experience.

Modern apps today offer everything from finding land to hunt on to understanding where you’ve placed your stand. You can find a mentor or extend the hunting tradition by becoming a mentor. Not only that, now sophisticated record-keeping, heatmapping, and tracking of game are all possible through well-engineered hunting apps.

Three interesting apps that are polished and refined (and more importantly, dedicated to continued improvement) stand out among a sea of competition.

·       Powderhook

·       onXmaps

·       HuntStand

Each app has some crossover, meaning there is a little bit of one application that does what another application does. Some are better than the others at specific functions. But each one works well for the intended core user, and that’s why, even with some of the crossover functions, each of these apps make sense as a standalone or when combined with others.

So, what is each of these apps’ core strengths, and why do you want all three?


Powderhook (iOS, Android w/some Web App/browser-based functionality)

Arguably the most polished app for the outsider, this is a well thought-out application that gives the impression that the creators actually care about the end goal: perpetuating the hunting tradition. Guess what? The proof is in the execution. The app does deliver on these promises. And guess what? Powderhook really does care!

The app is paid for by allowing advertising-driven sponsorships to help build up the core mentor/mentee relationship which is great for new hunters, because it makes it free for them to connect with a mentor, learn tricks for hunting, and have a successful experience that will lead to a lifetime of hunting.

Within the app, mentors pledge a little bit of time to answer questions, help a new hunters find reliable spots, and even physically help launch a hunter down a more rewarding pathway in their journey.

An added perk, even if it isn’t the core value proposition, is land-leasing for hunting purposes. This is a great growth channel for the developers, but it’s just getting started on the platform. They fully manage the process from insurance for liability to handling who can or cannot access the property based on their experience and historical behaviors on another owner’s land, further opening up opportunities for new hunters to have expanded hunting access.

“Events” is another up-and-coming feature as the developers manage to grow the advertising base where perks for users will blossom. Advertisers and sponsors can create events that help to educate and grow experience for new hunters.

In all, the Powderhook app just makes sense from the perspective of all parties in the equation. It’s making a lot of headway in keeping hunting a thriving sport for all types of people in a space that is becoming increasingly technology driven.



HuntStand (iOS, Android and Web App/browser-based)

HuntStand is a data-driven app that is very well accepted in the hunting community. It is based on the core functionality of mapping. HuntStand combines GPS satellite mapping, analytics, and land-management function to deliver a powerful platform for hunt planning. With HuntStand, hunters can custom-create their own maps using advanced mapping tools that allow users to mark everything from stands to blinds, feeders, parking areas and structures, setting hunters up for a safe and well-informed hunt. It offers realistic property sizing and perimeter controls or other environmental needs, when combined with the ability to tie into GPS makes this a versatile application for most hunts.

The app also offers the ability to see who owns the land, how it has been used in the past, and the detail of the maps makes this a premium application for hardcore hunters looking to ensure a successful result for their tags. Another non-core feature allows for land that is available to be showcased to the hunter looking to lease or buy property that has a specific hunting purpose.

Advanced overlays and a cool interface are the final claim to fame here. And with many thousands of high ratings, this is an application that is here to stay.


onXmaps (iOS, Android and Web App/browser-based)

This is a premium map-based application that gives some creature comforts and claims a robust set of backers including game wardens and a large following of experienced hunters, which crowd-source information to improve the application’s execution. It’s got a great feature set at the free level, but really shines if you need 50 state maps and opt for the premium subscription options.

onXmaps offers the hunter the ability to know exactly where he is including offline map access, specialized map overlays, and in-depth data sets that offer hunters a wealth of information around the area in which they are hunting. If a hunter finds himself on a mix of private and public land looking for detailed information in the middle of a hunt, this is the go-to app for ensuring no trespassing or illegal hunting occurs. When stalking deer in an unfamiliar state, this is a tool that no hunter should live without.

Each of these apps has its own sweet spot, all of them are polished enough for prime time, and again, most importantly, they are all poised to benefit from passionate hunters using them because they have great plans for improvement based on crowd-sourced expert opinions and robust, data-tied feedback.

If you haven’t yet considered hunting with the help of an app, the time may just be here to start exploring, and you cannot go wrong with any of these listed applications.

HUNTINGTerrence Gordon