By Bob Robb

         Bowhunting is hands-down one of the most exciting and unique hunting experiences. It allows you to get closer, see and smell more, feel the excitement of watching animals very near, and gets you to a place in nature where you can really fine-tune your ears and eyes for game.           


          Young hunters sometimes overlook beginning their journey using a bow and arrow, which should reconsidered. Bowhunting not only gets you out in the field ahead of the rifle hunters, but also develops other skills like patience, attention to detail, and an amazing appreciation for the outdoors. It offers the regimen of consistent practice as you carefully consider shot placement and range.

            That’s the beauty of bowhunting. It’s an extremely intimate and challenging sport on all levels. Top bowhunters are, by necessity, also excellent woodsmen, a skill gained not through reading books or watching videos, but by spending countless hours in the woods. They learn to be skilled bow mechanics as well, skills again learned by doing, not watching. They love to shoot their bows, and practice at every opportunity. Bowhunting is special because it is, by its very nature, ,more challenging. And because of the challenge, when success comes, it is all the sweeter.

            Bowhunters also enjoy something that gun hunters do not. In virtually every state in America, archery-only seasons for deer, elk and other big game last much longer than gun seasons. Often, this is months longer. That means as a bowhunter you have the opportunity to spend weeks and weeks afield, enjoying all that Mother Nature provides while testing yourself.

            The first step in becoming a skilled bowhunter is becoming a skilled archer. That begins with choosing the right compound bow for you.

            A compound bow is a very personal thing, and as you begin your adventure to choose one, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind. The first seems simple, yet is applicable whether shooting archery or firearms. Know which eye is your dominant eye. Your bow should be fitted specifically for you with this in mind by an archery pro who can also help you determine your exact draw length. Incorrect draw lengths and weights can lead to frustration and sadly…potentially walking away from an amazing outdoor sport. Most bad experiences occur when people try to pull a bow that is too long or difficult for them. Because the muscles you use when shooting are new muscles, they take some time to develop. For this reason, we encourage you to consider an adjustable bow—both in terms of draw length and weight so that as you grow and get stronger, your bow grows with you.

            Today, many bow manufacturers make high-quality entry-level hunting bows that give beginning archers the opportunity to get set up, have fun and find success. The leader among these companies—especially with regard to adjustable bows—is Mission Archery, designer and manufacturer of high-quality bows specifically for those new to the sport. Mission bows are affordable, and their adjustability factor is key, helping you avoid a bad first-time experience. They are also American-made; a rarity when it comes to considering a beginner bow, and offer a lifetime warranty. Hands-down these are the best bows for the beginning archer.

            There are three bows in the Mission lineup for archers-in-training to choose from—the, Hype DT, the Menace II, and the Craze II. These bows allow you to adjust both draw length and draw weight to fit you exactly. And again, because their draw lengths are highly adjustable, as you grow stronger and taller you can easily adjust the draw length and draw weight to keep up with your physical needs.

            Simply stated, start with a well-fitted adjustable bow for your first bow. This choice equals comfort, accuracy and ultimately success.


Choosing Your First Bow

            New archers looking to purchase their first bow will have lots of questions they need answered before they can make an informed decision. And while there is all sorts of information available from your friends, the Internet, and books and magazines, by far the best place to learn about all things archery and get the right product for you is a Mission Authorized Retailer. Here you’ll find highly-skilled experts with years of experience in assisting beginners to sort through the often confusing array of different bows, accessories and gear. In most cases a pro shop will have indoor and/or outdoor shooting ranges where beginners can test before they buy, practice with their new bow and, if they choose to do so, eventually join archery leagues.

Most importantly, these archery experts can also help you determine the best fit.

Careful Considerations When Choosing Your Bow:

o   Physical weight

o   Draw weight (the amount of pull it takes to draw the bowstring back)

o   Exact draw length

o   Eye Dominancy


Have your pro help you choose proper arrows as well as how to tune the bow and arrow setup so that the shafts are flying like darts


To check out the Hype DT, Menace II, or Craze II, find an authorized Mission retailer at