Throughout history, hunters have adapted military technological advances into helping them more efficiently harvest game. None of these advances has had a more profound effect on hunters than the rifle. From crude, ancient shoulder-fired mini-cannons, to smaller, lighter rifles with improved ignition systems, to cutting shallow grooves inside barrels we know as “rifling” that exponentially increase accuracy and were available by the Revolutionary War, to rifles that could handle the hotter loads and higher pressures produced by metallic cartidges, the rifle has been both a staple of the military and has been putting meat on the table for hundreds of years.


America has always been blessed with brilliant firearms innovators. Despite their improvements in basic design, all these men essentially followed the same philosophy—that sending a relatively heavy bullet down rage at moderate speed is the best way to achieve both accuracy and devastating terminal performance. That all changed in the mid-1940s when a young insurance salesman and cartridge “wildcatter” named Roy Weatherby set out to change the world of firearm performance. Contrary to then-popular thinking, Roy believed that lightweight bullets traveling at super high speeds provided the best combination for both accuracy and one-shot kills. Based upon that philosphy, he spent the next decade developing the high-powered Weatherby Magnum cartridges for which the company is known today (.224, .240, .257, .270, 7mm, .300, .30-378, .340, .338-378, .375, .416, and .460).

To accomplish this, Roy also had to re-chamber rifles that were designed to specifically accommodate his super-charged ammunition. At that time, he was producing his rifles on FN Mauser and French Brevex Magnum Mauser actions. However, in 1957, Roy would again catch the attention of the shooting and hunting world with a proprietary action that is today recognized around the world as the Mark V. The foundation for the Mark V was the need for a stronger, safer action that is able to withstand tremendous pressure. After more than a half century of proven performance, the Mark V continues to be known as the world’s strongest bolt action. Then, in 1970, Roy once again showed his entrepreneurial spirit when he introduced the Weatherby Vanguard action, borrowing many of the same characteristics and design elements of the Mark V with two locking lugs (vs. 9 in the Mark V).

Modern Weatherby Mark V

Modern Weatherby Mark V


The Weatherby lineage continued in 1983 when Roy’s son, Ed Weatherby, assumed leadership of the company. Under Ed’s guidance, the company has seen growth and expansion both in Mark V and Vanguard offerings, including the Vanguard rifle, which features guaranteed SUB-MOA (minute of angle) accuracy. The company also offers a full line of semiautomatic, pump and over/under shotguns (the first Weatherby shotguns were introduced in 1969-70), as well as accessories, apparel and collectibles.

For more than 70 years Weatherby has been committed to producing the finest rifles and shotguns that money can buy. Weatherby combines the history of yesterday along with those technologies that hunters/shooters require today and the innovations that are desired for tomorrow. Weatherby has an exciting new lineup of rifles and shotguns called WBY-X. “WBY-X is more than a product line – it’s an attitude, a lifestyle, a distinction that sets you apart from the crowd,” company president Ed Weatherby said. Built on the company’s Vanguard, PA-08, SA-08, and 459 platforms, WBY-X has been devel- oped to appeal to a younger demographic, as well as seasoned gun owners, who are looking for a whole new style. The fresh look features camo and color patterns that go way beyond what you’d expect in a Weatherby. For example, Weatherby was the very first to introduce a line of rifles featuring synthetic stocks in a production environment. When they did this back in the 1980s, they knew their customers expected cutting edge innovation, unique looks, and something different – and it’s just as important today as it was back then. The WBY-X mantra? Never fear “being different” – embrace it.

Weatherby Vanguard WBY-X Saratoga

Weatherby Vanguard WBY-X Saratoga


Weatherby is an iconic American brand that bases its future on its past. It has always enjoyed a strong following among shooters and hunters from all walks of life, including high-profile celebrities and professional athletes.

From the very beginning, famous personalities like John Wayne and Gary Cooper were drawn to the striking appearance and unmatched performance of Weatherby. Today is no different. Team Weatherby enlists members from several industries like Darryl Worley, Brendon Clark, Chad Mendes, Luke Branquinho, Bear Pascoe, Willie Bloomquist and Jessie Duff to showcase the history and heritage of the company, to share the technologies of the day and the innovations of tomorrow…all designed to make you a more proficient hunter/shooter.


Weatherby set the standard in the past, is the proven performance of today, and the company and its products are reaching out to the future. More information is available at