By Haley Heath

Summer is over and school is back in, but not to worry dove season is about to kick start a Fall full of hunting experiences. Whether this is your first year or 10th, it’s still an exciting time to spend in the outdoors with friends and family.

Dove season is one of those times that you put all the lessons you’ve learned from your hunter’s safety course to the test. Being out with other hunters is not only fun, but at times can be intimidating. Instead of watching an instructor show you what to do, it’s time to show those around you what you’ve learned and even help others that may have forgotten!

Each state differs on when the Dove season begins, for instance, Georgia’s season always opens at noon on the Saturday before Labor Day. Make sure you are familiar with your state’s regulations. And be aware of the bag limit as this can change over time.

Firearm safety is key, as you will most likely be on a field with multiple hunters around you. Have your firearm pointed in a safe direction and know where your target is and what is beyond it. Do not load your firearm until you have gotten settled in to your stand and ready to start shooting. And keep your safety on until the moment you are ready to fire.

Have fun and don’t worry about filling your limit. As each year passes, you will likely attend numerous dove hunts and the things you may worry about now will become second nature. Enjoy the experience of being outdoors spending time with friends and family. The goal is always to leave with a smile and memories made.