Crossbows are sort of an enigma. Despite the fact that they launch a very short arrow they still aren’t considered a bow. And, just because they are held and fired like a gun doesn’t exactly mean they are considered a firearm. And therein lies the debate. Hunters have voiced their opinions on which “category” this weapon should fall under for years. Still, whatever camp you agree with one thing is for certain—crossbows increase hunter participation.

Without question, anything that brings more people into the sport of hunting is a good thing. Sure, there are pros and cons regarding which season crossbow hunters should fit into, but tell that to the disabled hunter that can’t participate in a regular bow season due to some sort of injury, or the aging hunter who simply can’t shoot his vertical bow as accurately as he once did. Or, what about the young kid that you want to introduce to the sport of hunting…or the hunter wanting to extend his season (many states offer special crossbow only seasons). The crossbow is the perfect tool for all of these folks and many more.

And, just like any other weapon used for hunting, there are many crossbow options to choose from. Basically, crossbows come in two versions; Compound and Recurve. And, similar to a typical compound bow, crossbows come in a variety of “cocking” weights. This can be a major factor when trying to decide which model is right for you—unless you’re shooting a Mission crossbow. If so, cocking weight is just one of the areas that has been made more user-friendly (see info below). However, the technology didn’t stop there. The latest flagship crossbow in the Mission lineup is their most advanced, most accurate model to date.




New for 2015 is the aptly named MXB-Sniper Lite. This crossbow comes in at under 6lbs. and is designed for unmatched balance and accuracy thanks to a host of innovative technologies. First, unlike other crossbows on the market, the MXB-Sniper Lite distributes much of its weight reward to the stock region of the crossbow. This not only gives the Sniper-Lite a more accurate shooting platform because the shooter feels more balanced when shouldering the weapon, but also makes it easier to hold steady when shooting off-handed; without the aid of a shooting stick.

In addition, the MXB-Sniper Lite comes with the new SyncCam™ which offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle for easy cocking and precision cam synchronization that self-centers at full draw. This leads to bolt-splitting accuracy that demands you shoot a different spots when practicing. And, some women will find they can easily engage the string on this crossbow without the aid of a mechanical cocking device.

The Sniper-Lite also carries the Smart Guide™ Cable Slide (patent pending) which alleviates downward pressure on the cable and the cams, thus producing less torque within the cam system and enhancing both durability and accuracy. On top of that, the Sniper-Lite also comes with an integrated rail and scope mount that eliminates scope movement and increases accuracy, the BIAS Rail™ (Bridged Integrated Accuracy Support) which includes a beveled arrow track and a bridge along the centerline of the rail for ultimate accuracy and the PCC Anchor™ – designed for smoother, easier draw. There is no doubt the MXB-Sniper Lite can live up to its name.

THE MXB-400/360

download (2).png

Those crossbow shooters looking for all-out speed in an accurate shooting platform will love the MXB-400and the tight pin gaps that come along with it. With its lightweight frame and 14” power stroke, the MXB-400 is highly mobile whether in a treestand, ground blind or stalking along a distance ridge. The Dual X-Cams™ significantly reduce recoil making the MXB-400 a speed bow that doesn’t kick like one.

In addition, the MXB-400 takes advantage of a multitude of proven technologies such as the RSS Tread™ which makes conventional foot-stirrups obsolete, the PCC Anchor™ that eliminates the possibility of string hook jumps, and the BIASS Rail™ that minimizes weight and enhances downrange accuracy. Overall, the MXB-400 is a high performance crossbow built with high performance technology. Also available is the MXB-360 with all of the same great features of the 400 but with a 360 fps speed rating.



Most often, when someone thinks about shooting a crossbow the first thing that comes to mind is cranking back the string. In the past this has proven to be a tedious part of shooting a crossbow. Not anymore. Mission has solved the problems associated with cranking back the crossbow string with the all-new RSD (REMOVABLE SILENT DRAW) SYSTEM™—the industry’s first-ever silent mechanical cocking device for crossbows.

The patent pending RSD™ fits all Mission MXB® Crossbows and can be easily installed or removed in a matter of seconds. In addition to being completely silent, the RSD™ improves accuracy through the use of a floating rope-pull that ensures equal tension is applied to each side of the bowstring during the draw cycle. Even more, the RSD System™ is outfitted with a removable, ambidextrous reel that when engaged will reduce the operator’s effort by eight times. This makes it highly beneficial to young shooters, women or simply anyone who wants a silent, fast, easy way to get the crossbow string drawn back.

No matter which Mission you choose the end result will be a highly accurate, highly forgiving, easy to draw and even easier to shoot crossbow. One that is sure to attract veterans of the sport, maybe a newcomer, perhaps a child or spouse, or maybe even someone who might otherwise stay at home rather than enjoy our great sport. Either way, crossbows are a good thing….especially Mission crossbows.


MXB-Sniper Lite™ Specifications:

  • Speed   up to 310 fps
  • Physical Weight 5.96 lbs.
  • Width   20.5”
  • Length   32.75”
  • Powerstroke 14”
  • Draw Weight 150 lbs.
  • Finish   Black Tactical
  • Bowstrings Zebra® Hybrid
  • MSRP   $599

MXB-400™ Specifications:

  • Speed up to 400 fps (MXB-360 360 fps)
  • Physical Weight 6.9lbs (with acc. rail)
  • Width   19.5”
  • Length   34”
  • Powerstroke 14”
  • Draw Weight 200 / 175 /150 / 125 lbs.
  • Finish   Lost AT®
  • Bowstrings Zebra® Hybrid
  • MSRP   $1199

Remember to check the regulations in the state in which you want to hunt. Crossbows are not yet legal in all of the fifty United States.