by Haley Heath

With more and more media attention on our Second Amendment rights, gun owners and hunters alike are having to take action to help educate and nurture the love of the outdoors in our youth. When I was growing up there wasn’t a youth deer season, but now with numbers declining and less kids getting outdoors, changes are being made. Some may not realize the major impact this has and why these special seasons are so important.

Recently I have overheard or read about hunters questioning the “fairness” of these youth seasons. Why should those that have not put in the time, money and work for years be allowed to go shoot the deer first? Why should they get the first opportunity to get the deer I’ve been after? They don’t deserve it.

Personally, I fall on the other side of the debate. Why not get the youth out there and make memories without the competition of more experienced hunters? Why not give them the advantage and get them hooked on a sport we all love and continue to pass down the traditions for generations to come?

As a mother of two young hunters, I truly get more joy out of seeing my children be successful and the excitement for hunting in their eyes. I believe in giving our youth that extra week, having the focus on them and forcing the parents/loved ones to take a backseat and just enjoy the time spent together.

Which side are you on? Do you feel it’s fair to have a youth season?