Not only is predator hunting fun and challenging, but it’s also a good way to reduce fawn mortality.

When Mother Nature throws you a curveball, you need to be prepared. Savvy hunters understand that proper gear and time spent in the woods are the keys to success. Athletes who take for granted the importance of preparation are likely to leave the field early when the weather turns nasty.

Demoralized and beaten down, they abandon their post before the action starts. When you formulate and execute a thorough game plan prior to the hunt, you will perform better when you’re protected from the elements.

Under Armour is determined to provide the next generation of hardcore hunters with the most innova- tive products available. When you push the limits in excruciating heat and bitter cold, Under Armour performance gear keeps you dry, warm and comfort- able when it counts the most. With calculated apparel selection and the basic understanding of layering, you can take on any conditions in the unforgiving wild.


The most integral piece of the layering system is a proper base. This vital component performs one primary function: moisture transport. Base layers are designed to be worn in direct contact with your skin. Imperative to your success, this layer helps regulate your core by moving moisture away from your body. The new UA TEVO and Extreme Base also offer Under Armour’s leading Scent Control tech- nology, conquering human scent. Remaining dry and comfortable is extremely important regardless of the hunting conditions.

Under Armour base layers are available in a variety of styles and weights to protect you from the conditions and compliment your style of hunting. Under Armour makes it easy to complete your layering system; simply choose from the following:

  • UA ColdGear® Infrared Scent Control TEVO Mock: A lightweight fabric that transports moisture and traps heat to keep you dry and
  • UA Base 2.0: Mid-weight and highly versatile for cold conditions and moderate activity
  • UA Base 3.0: Max warmth for extreme cold conditions and lower activity levels
  • UA Base 4.0: Ultra-warmth in brutal cold
  • UA Extreme Base: warmest thermal insulation base for stationary hunters


Trapping and retaining heat for maximum warmth is imperative in the layering process. The mid-layer transports water vapor that has wicked away from your base layer, keeping you dry and comfortable regardless of your intensity level. Mid-layers can also serve as the outer layer for a mobile hunter in the early season. Camped out in a blind or backpacking the high country? Selecting the appropriate mid-layer is an important decision when choosing your layering system. The UA ColdGear Infrared Scent Control Barrier Vest is the perfect choice for a mid-layer in a variety of hunting conditions.


Regardless of the pursuit, Under Armour offers a specifically tailored selection of outerwear to keep you in the game and after your trophy of a lifetime. In order to maximize your success, the shell or outer layer serves as your first line of defense from the Under Armour’s high technology fabrics. Shell layers create a barrier over your mid and base layers, protecting you from every weather situation imaginable.

Outer shell layers are constructed to repel precipitation and retain body heat while remaining breathable and allowing water vapor to escape. The UA ColdGear Infrared Scent Control Wind Barrier Jacket integrates Storm and Scent Control technologies that fight off human scent while protecting you from harsh downpours and wind.


Now hunters of all disciplines can experience the Under Armour advantage in a versatile line of hunting boots. Constructed of the finest materials available and feating the latest Under Armour technologies, this line of hunting boots will keep hunters hot on the trail of their pray while protecting their feet from the hazards of the hunt.

Whether you’re hiking the high country for elk, stalking into your tree stand or walking to your pit blind, UA has designed the perfect boot to match the terrain and your specific hunting conditions while remaining comfortable throughout the hunt. As always, proper care and break-in is recommended for footwear. This will keep you in the field rather than on the sidelines watching your buddies come home with the prize.


We’ve developed a tiered technology system of water and wind protection to equip athletes facing any and every wet weather situation imaginable. From drizzle to steady rain to hurricane, we will keep you dry so you can perform better.


Under Armour has added ColdGear INFRARED Technology to many of its most popular offerings, helping you stay warmer longer for more success in the woods.

Under Armour ColdGear INFRARED is a soft, undetectable ceramic coating on the inner layer of your garment that acts as a living, breathing, body warmer. The coating seeks, absorbs and retains your body’s own heat, so ColdGear INFRARED keeps you warmer longer with no extra weight or bulk. Add in Under Armour’s game-changing UA Scent Control Technology and you have a winning combination that will help keep you lightweight, warm and undetected.

You can learn more about Under Armour’s full range of hunting gear at their dedicated hunting website.