I am actually shaking when it comes to the last target. I haven’t missed one yet. My mental game is strong, and I hold myself together just long enough to watch the last target turn to dust. I have just shot a perfect score of 100 straight at The World Championships. Sweat stings my eyes as I sit for hours waiting to see if another perfect score is posted. My name comes over the loudspeaker as no other shooter hits 100 out of 100, and I have won the Gold Medal! For the first time, I feel true bliss.

Former La Jolla, CA grad and now Yale University Freshman Richard Riddle recounts his outstanding performance at the 2010 World Skeet Championships. He won the .410 event and ended up taking third place overall with a score of 398/400. A lofty feat for the then 18-year-old who focuses on courses at school even more than he does on the skeet field.

I want to be the best person and student that I can possibly be and to pay respect to those who have come before me and, most importantly, to my family and friends. While shooting is great and something I’ll do for as long as I can, school is of greater importance and I want to be able to give back to society most of all.

He also tutors special-needs children three times a week and gains a tremendous amount of satisfaction from watching kids learn and excel.

Richard’s advice to someone just getting into shooting and hunting is to have fun and just be yourself.

One of the best things about the shooting sports is that you get to be with your family and friends.

He still hunts with his grandfather to this day and loves being afield with one of his sisters. His favorite hunting memory puts him back in Argentina with his dad trying his luck at high-flying doves.

School fills up his life these days, but he still finds the time to be on Yale’s shooting team. He’s also swung his way into the Directed Studies Program on campus, which is an advanced studies program on literature, history, and philosophy.

Shooting is one of the best ways I have found to reach out and make new friends and one with which I’ll be involved for as long as I can.