The term refers to informal target shooting, often at off-beat targets such as cans and bottles. But the term plinking basically comes, as one might imagine, from the sound of a small caliber bullet hitting a tin can— “PLINK!” Various calibers have been used, but the old standby for all-around plinking fun is the .22 caliber rimfire with air guns also thrown into the mix. Indeed, the firearms used for the sport are the primers for all shooting and hunting. It is THE place to start. The low-recoil and lesser muzzle report of these firearms add comfort and confidence. Plus, a pint milk carton package of 500 rounds of .22 rimfire can cost less than one box of 25 shotgun shells.

Plinking is simple, enjoyable and this game of hits and misses is addictive. And this repetition, this desire to shoot again and again, can transform you into a better marksman. But nobody wants broken bottles or old cans left around after a day of plinking anymore.

Enter Birchwood Casey of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a manufacturer of targets as well as a variety of great cleaning and refinishing products for your firearms for over 63 years.

Their products offer shooters with a passion for plinking an excellent line of products that can literally transform most shot-safe open areas, be it a field or your backyard, into a shooting range. Take Birchwood Casey’s Shoot-N-C Targets for example. Self-adhesive, they are very versatile and can be stuck to a variety of boards, boxes, backdrops, etc. With these targets, the location of each shot is revealed with a bright char-treuse ring around the point of impact. It allows the shooter, instant feel-good feedback. With success easily seen from a distance, it eliminates time wasted on walks downrange to inspect targets. This, in itself, also provides for a safer shooting environment.

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Jack

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Jack

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Prairie Popper

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Prairie Popper

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Belly Dancer

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Belly Dancer

Translation? Immediate shot detection gives an immediate indicator of shoot- ing success and boosts confidence.

You see, to find success with firearms, well, you have to have something to shoot for, or perhaps more appropriately, when considering the world of hunting and/or shooting, one has to have some- thing to shoot at—repeatedly.

Ask any accomplished marksman, hunter and/or shooter how many targets they riddled before becoming an expert and my guess is that he or she will confirm it’s many.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Being good with a gun is no different than playing the piano or any other eye/hand endeavor. Practice is essential.


Never, and most newcomers to the sport are pretty happy to hear the rapport or gunfire. It’s exciting, but eventually, this wears off and you want to be on target, more often, if not all the time.

In short, shooters not only want to shoot, they also want to “see” results.

Birchwood Casey’s Shoot-N-C Targets allow this and are available in a variety of sizes. There are ringed and numbered, traditional bull’s-eye models which allow for scoring. Others are designed specifically for sighting-in rifles and some are for patterning shotguns. include silhouette models like the prairie chuck, crow, bear and the Shoot-N-C Kits for deer, coyote, turkey and boar.

Most models also come with “repair pasters” that allow you to cover previous hits, giving each target a longer life, and you more shooting opportunities.

The ability to set up a plinking range wherever shooting safety allows means convenience and more opportunity to shoot. And once again, a key to becom- ing a better shooter is to be able to shoot more often. Birchwood Casey’s portable range brings the entire target ensemble together in a perfect match.

If ever there was a plinking-in-a-box kit, Birchwood Casey makes it avail- able with their new Animal Gallery and Traditional Gallery Resetting Targets.

For example all-day shooting is available to you, in whichever safe area you decide to set up these neat targets. They are designed for airguns or .22 rimfire and provide new, as well as seasoned shooters hours of entertain- ment and “lessons” (who says learning can’t be fun?).

Gallery resetting targets allow shooters to not only knock down the paddles or animal silhouettes, but the gallery also lets the shooters reset all targets at once, with one well-placed round. Again, there is no need to walk down range, an additional safety benefit.


  • Safety always comes Always wear eye and ear protection and handle firearms with safety in mind.
  • Post range rules where everyone can read
  • Have an adult with you
  • If you are preparing for an upcoming hunt, consider wearing the gear you would wear on an actual hunt for a practice
  • Keep your range Pick up spent cartridges, paper, etc. Having a garbage can on site is a very good idea.
  • Practice firing from various shooting This is especially beneficial for hunters that often have to take the unexpected shot at game. Shoot from some positions at the range that you might have to take in the field.
  • Practice taking a breath and holding it as you squeeze the Jerking the trigger results in inaccuracy.
  • Learn to use a You will be amazed how accurate you can be with a steady firearm.

For more information on Birchwood Casey’s targets or other products, visit online at There is also a fun, interactive shooting game.