By Joe Arterburn

StayTightSling provides an important measure of safety—and convenience—when carrying a firearm on your shoulder by a sling.

Hunters have long struggled with keeping a slinged firearm on their shoulder, and often resort to holding the sling in place with one hand or the other. StayTightSling solves that problem and allows you to keep both hands free for climbing, stalking, carrying other items, using binoculars or any other task.

Controlling your firearm and assuring it is pointed in a safe direction is in important aspect of hunting and StayTightSling adds to that control factor, assuring your firearm doesn’t slip off your shoulder and cause a safety hazard.

StayTightSling attaches to your sling, wraps around your torso and reattaches to the sling to provide safe and hands-free carrying. A quick-release snap allows you to quickly deploy your firearm when the need arises.

StayTightSling will also fit any type of shoulder-strap device, such as golf bags, beach bags, briefcases, laptop cases or any other shoulder-strapped device you want kept in place with the ease of hands-free carry. Also, it adjusts for a comfortable fit on virtually any size person.

Attachment is easy. You simply attach the metal clip to your sling, remove the sling from the firearm and slide the receiver half of the buckle onto the sling about 12 inches below the swivel, then reattach your sling to the rifle. Then, you simply cinch it tight around your torso.

It can be quickly changed from one carry item to another in just a couple minutes so you can use it on multiple items.

The StayTightSling comes with a one-year manufacturer’s defect warranty. Available at

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