The motto for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project Child Safe is “Own it? Respect it. Secure it.”

For both firearms and bows that makes a ton of sense.  Not only does securely locking up guns and bows prevent needless tragedy, proper secure storage prevents damage to expensive equipment.

Locking up a bow?  Yes!

Why? The most common damage archery techs see in modern bows is caused by dry firing.  Sometimes the bow is destroyed beyond repair.  This kind of damage can often be avoided if the bow is secured from those who don’t know not to dry fire.

The best way to secure a bow and prevent damage is with a quality, lockable, hard side bow case.  Numerous Plano models offer padlock tabs to keep unauthorized visitors on the outside, and PillarLock design inside keeps the bow securely in place.  There’s even a Plano hard side bow case specifically designed to protect parallel limb bows like the new Mission Flare.  The great thing about a hard side bow case is that it will protect and secure your bow anywhere – home, range, truck, camp, ATV, and even on the airlines.

Firearms are a bit different.  They should never be stored long term in the confines of an enclosed gun case.  While locking them with a trigger or gunlock offers some security from unauthorized use, it does nothing to protect the gun from damage.  In the home or at the cabin, the best place for storing firearms long term is a gun safe.

However, safe storage has its own set of perils.  Without climate control, a safe can become like a sauna, and humidity is the Number One enemy of firearms.  And most safes require guns be placed in rows, back to front.  Removing to the one you want is sometimes like disassembling a jigsaw puzzle.  Careful as you may be, nicks and scratches happen as guns bump against each other.

The solution is storing each gun in the safe  – long gun or handgun – in a Plano Gun Guard Gun Sock.  Plano Gun Socks are made from a special silicone-treated weave that repels moisture and dust, and the soft fabric prevents nicks and dings as guns are moved around the safe.  Plano Gun Socks stretch to fit and are made for both long guns and handguns.