by Leaha Wirth

Years ago, I found myself on a hunt listening to the horrifying sound of bullets flying over my head. I was in the middle of a big parcel of private land in Wyoming. There should have been NO ONE there, yet as I searched for the source, I found a couple of hunters below working on an antelope in between us. Thinking that they were on BLM land, they made a pretty grave mistake. None of this would have occurred if they were using onXmaps.Knowing where you are when you are hunting is a responsibility that, for many hunters, can be a tricky challenge. It can be easy to get lost and confused about where you are, where property lines lie, and sometimes, even when you think you know where you are when you look at a map, you can be mistaken.

onXmaps offers preloaded chips, which are state-specific, that you can add to Garmin GPS, computers and mobile devices. This data is consistently updated offering you the most up-to-date intel on where you are in the field so that straying into an area in which you don’t belong simply doesn’t happen. Let me tell you, it is some pretty awesome stuff!


This super-cool software offers active GPS plug-and-play maps, and shows you EVERY parcel of land that you are near – in a color-coded and obvious nature. Private land is white, and actually even shows the landowner’s name, information and property boundaries. In color, you will see federal, state, and county property in different colors.

Not only that, you can even dial down the elevation, topographical features, section numbers that you may be hunt- ing within, county and even specific hunting unit information. It basically offers you absolutely no reason why you should be hunting in an area that you are not authorized to be within. It also shows road and trail numbers, and can even help you navigate as you drive out to your area.

Prior to your hunt, this technology can also be connected to your home computer for plotting your own adventure, and it’s been given a green light by at least one key wildlife official.

“I must always tell Hunter Education students that there is no perfect map.  I am excited to say that OnXmaps Hunt helped solve one of the major challenges hunters face in the field: knowing where they are,” said Jason Duetsch, District Wildlife Manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Let’s face it, hunting is a HUGE responsibility. Lighten your load and educate your students on this critical aspect of safe hunting. onXmaps can make the difference between losing licenses, receiving fines, and even potentially hurting people by giving you exact, up-to-the minute intel on where you are standing when you are hunting. Check them out at