If you enjoy hunting, there’s always a season open on something. While deer and most big game seasons are closed or winding down, midwinter is when coyote hunting comes to a peak. There are also snow geese seasons, rabbits to pursue, wild boar to chase, and crows to kill.

Many hunters are completely missing out by only concentrating on opening day, the last days of the hunting seasons can be some of the best. There are often fewer hunters afield, and game can be more concentrated at food sources. Any snow on the ground can also help you spot game animals as you hunt. Some species, such as crows, group into larger flocks and travel further to find foods during late seasons. This opens up more chances to intercept them on travel corridors. Scouting for a hunting location can be done from afar with top binoculars and spotting scopes from companies such as Zeiss, Leupold, and Redfield. You can purchase a spotting scope kit complete with a tripod at: Look for the Rangepro Rubber-Armored spotting scope kit.

Ok, so what if you can’t handle the snow and cold temperatures? Then consider taking in a hunting show or wildlife expo. As you walk the isle and look at trophy game mounts, possibly test your skills at judging deer for scores. Most shows also have speakers that provide details on how to become a better hunter. And the great news is that some shows and expos have photo contests. Consider entering a photo from your camera or trail camera. Consider time at the show as an educational event.

The best news is that some deer and hunting shows offer hunter education courses onsite. Now is the top time to enroll and complete one, especially for a spring bear or turkey hunting license that you’ll need in a few months. Take a friend with you who may also need to obtain a hunter ed card.