After making the important decision to become a gun owner, one of the first things you should do before even purchasing a gun is to consider your guns safety options. Owning a gun comes with great responsibility, a responsibility to keep yourself and others from unintended harm due to careless storage of your firearm. Luckily there are plenty of options on the market, but knowing which one best suits your needs can be difficult.


The most affordable option available to you are gun locks. These are typically a cable that inserts through your barrel or magazine holder, and lock using a key. A trigger lock attaches in your trigger area and prevents access or use in this way. They prevent your gun from being used by someone who shouldn’t be using your gun. They are affordable and sometimes even free from your local law enforcement office, and offer a good level of safety. However, they don’t offer anything in the way of protecting your firearm from physical damage or from theft. They can be used on nearly any firearm.


The next step up from a simple device that disables the use of the firearm is a gun case. Often made out of hard plastic and containing foam, these kinds of cases vary greatly in price and quality. They are designed for portability above all else, but also offer minimal protection from theft and unintended usage. They usually have a carrying handle and are lightweight in order to be able to transport easily. On the lower end these may cost below $20, but could easily be defeated with some simple tools or brute force, so make sure to purchase a quality case if you decide to go this route as your sole method of firearm storage. Gun cases are made for pistols, rifles and long guns.


The next step up from a gun case is a lock box, sometimes called a security cabinet for long guns. Typically made out of a thinner metal, they are designed with a bit more theft protection than a gun case. Often they are key operated, but can be found with a keyed combination or even a biometric lock option. The prices and features vary wildly on lock boxes depending on included features. A quality lock box will provide secure, quick access and be resistant to theft. Unlike gun cases, lock boxes and security cabinets can be designed to be secured or mounted in a single location. These ones offer the most security, but the least portability. You can find these for pistols, rifles and long guns.


Gun safes are first and foremost designed for security. They are large, manufactured with very thick steel and are meant to be stored in a permanent location. They usually hold multiple guns, are designed to keep your firearms in pristine condition, and often offer protection from fire or water damage. The hallmark of a serious firearm owner and collector, a gun safe is the best option for someone looking to securely and safety store and protect their guns. Accessibility is often poor due to the fact that gun safes are usually located in a more remote area of the house, and many use a dial lock.


A ShotLock offers a groundbreaking combination of safety, security, and most importantly, quick access. A lock box or gun safe with a key or dial is hard to open under duress. Additionally, a gun safe is often in an area you can’t access in an emergency since they are often bulky and take up considerable space. Limiting access to people who aren’t trained to handle a firearm, or those with less than honorable intentions, is your responsibility as a gun owner. Making a decision about properly securing your firearm once it is purchased is a very important part of the process. ShotLock products provide you with peace of mind knowing that your firearm is close, secure, and ready, and at an affordable price.