How to Eat an Elk: Outdoor Edge

By: Joe Arterburn

The Right Tools for the Job

Field dressing a deer—or any animal—goes smoother and safer when you have the right tools, and when you’re talking about completely quartering and field butchering an animal the size of an elk, their importance is multiplied.

Lately for most of my field-dressing work, I’ve relied on Outdoor Edge’s RazorLite 3.5 EDC, which features replaceable razor-sharp blades held solidly by a sturdy blade holder. Removing the blades also makes them easy to clean. I chose the orange-handled version (They also come in blue and gray), so I’m less likely to leave it in the field when I’m ready to pack out. I use mine not only for field dressing but also for breaking down the carcass, not to mention carrying it for everyday use.

And Outdoor Edge also offers a selection of game processing kits. The lightest and most compact is their WildLite, which comes with three specialty knives, one for caping, a gut-hook skinner, and a boning knife, plus a sharpener and game-cleaning gloves, all in a hard-side case. For complete field-to-freezer game processing, the WildPak kit includes a caping knife, gut-hook skinner, boning knife, bone saw, ribcage spreader, sharpener, and game cleaning gloves in a carrying case. It’s convenient to have all your game-processing tools in one handy kit.

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