The Promatic Kestrel

The Promatic Kestrel bridges the gap between high end consumer models and full time club models for high volume trap shooting

Promatic has released a new model in their large portfolio of products that is uniquely suited to the needs of high-volume shotgun shooters engaging in trap options.

Promatic has done it again – this time with a commercial trap unit that’s perfect for small clubs for intermittent use (and up to continuous use under certain situations) or for full time individual use. The Kestrel is the latest in a Promatic line that has been top of the heap in a field of competitors that Promatic has dominated in the club and consumer market on the high end for more than two decades.

The Kestrel is perhaps best described in the broader market as a “pro-sumer” model, though in reality, virtually all of the Promatic line of trap machines are easily used in commercial or strictly professional settings with the exception of consumer-marketed products). It is certainly capable of being used as a commercial model for high volume shooting, but it is also more approachable and well usable as a backyard or desert shooting trip trap thrower.

The price point is half of what most competitors would start their commercial machines at, and still the Promatic Kestral is built to a standard that allows full time use and can be used in a true commercial setting.

Promatic officially markets the Kestrel as a bridge product that fits a niche need for small shooting clubs. This is an indication that the machine comes from factory with standard features that would be a bit spartan in a larger club in a full-time setting. This goes hand in hand with the indication that the volume or durability of the unit is uncompromised. The Kestrel is built using many of the same base parts and utilizes substantially similar infrastructure for the unit.

Make the Kestrel exactly the type of trap thrower you need it to be by customizing a package

Because of this “from-factory” build the “a la carte” options that the Kestral is afforded, allows the user to customize capabilities, in lieu of charging a higher price up front for a unit which has a ton of capabilities the user may not need. That’s why the Kestrel is a legitimate addition to an already robust lineup of trap machines – it fills a unique spot.

You will find the same attention to detail and commercial grade build quality and finishes on the Kestrel as the rest of the premium Promatic machines. You get the steel base housing and a powder coated finish which allows long-term outdoor use of the machine without weathering or wear issues. The stainless steel throwing surface and the famous “Knife Edge” feeding system combine in a 6-column machine that can hold 160 clays that will max out at over 70 yards. This is a small club machine that has a smaller price tag than other machines that can compete with it.

Promatic is built as a commercial unit through and through, despite being priced at the higher end of the consumer marketplace, where it will also outdo similarly priced machines, especially from a longevity and durability perspective. It also has something that many traps don’t have at that price point (a shade under $1300 USD MSRP): balance, weight and stability.

Legendary stability and bulletproof build quality is in the Kestrel’s DNA

When you need a solid machine, you need a Promatic, especially if you want consistent training. For small clubs where you can offer the one on one time with clientele, you want consistency in performance. For individual practice on a personal level, you want consistency. You need to know that the birds are going where the machines says they will – to avoid loss, expensive waste and inconsistent training patterns.

You can get a 6-year warranty on the Kestrel (it comes standard with a 3 year warranty), but you’re likely not to need it. The machines from Promatic are rated for continuous use for their stated application, and the history of performance speaks for itself. Ask any club that has used a Promatic trap, they will tell you, you don’t go back to other machines after you upgrade to a Promatic.

Because it is built for customization, unless you are a serious shooter, this price-point might not be where you want to enter the market. The Kestrel is a specialized piece of machinery that is made to make you a better shotgunner. If you are aware that you need the base specifications, then this machine is a perfect fit for the semi-pro or professional competition shooter. It is also perfectly suited to moderate volume club use. You will need to determine your cable runs, batteries, and electrical control components (all built at factory and made to work seamlessly with the Kestrel) to make the system plug-and-play in your setting.

What are you getting with the Promatic Kestrel?

At the price point it’s hard to imagine a better starting unit that is capable of continuous operation at a professional installation (again, most competitors start their commercial offerings that compete with the Kestrel at twice this price or so). But you will need to determine also, the role it will play in your space, whether it will be cart or trailer mounted, stationary, or will be a secondary throwing appliance. All of these things will affect the total package price costs you’ll be entertaining.

The Kestrel incorporates the following features in this new product (most of which prove just how in-line with the commercial Promatic heritage it is):

·       6 column 160 clay capacity

·       1.5 second re-cocking

·       All steel base structure that is powder coated to ensure protection against damage caused by moisture and to improve durability 

·       Elevation control to 70 degrees

·       An aluminum throwing arm that slings clays beyond 70 yards

·       “Knife-Edge” feeding system to ensure accurate reliable separation of clays to avoid jams and downtime

·       Exceptional adjustment for throwing height

·       Electronic add-ons that allow easy integration into your space, and do not require a ton of electrical know-how to get the system working together

·       Durability in design from the stainless steel throwing surface to the heavyweight steel frame construction to the system finishes

·       Promatic’s legendary reliability and consistency

If you’re serious about an upgrade – the Kestrel might just be your machine

There is no question, this is a machine for those who are very serious about their shotgunning. The price point, while delivering excellent value relative to peers, will weed out all but the most determined shooters with the budget to move into that realm.

But if it’s time to up your game as an individual shooter, you don’t want to invest in equipment more than once. The Kestrel is an obvious answer to your needs. If you are a small club that has shooters who need reliability and drama free operation, the Kestrel just makes sense, for a fraction of the price as other top end commercial units. Very few producers can even get into the same conversation as Promatic when it comes to durability, consistency and historical reliability and performance, the Kestrel is a game changer because it makes a new market that Promatic now dominates handily, courtesy of the Kestrel.

You can find all of Promatic’s products, including more information on the Kestrel at their website: