Whether you hunt deer, elk, pheasants, ducks or other species, when most hunting seasons end, many hunters normally hang up their gun or bow—and hibernate. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Why wait another nine months or more before you can use your favorite rifle or bow and go hunting?

To stay active and keep shooting with your favorite rifle, shotgun, pistol, or bow, consider visiting an indoor gun or archery range, or possibly joining a shooting league. If you don’t have the time for a weekly league challenge, most ranges rent lanes by the hour. Select the right target to place down range and you can find a thrill—and create a challenge for yourself—at nearly any range.

If you are fond of bow and arrows, archery shops across America also host indoor shooting leagues. While some archers shoot bull’s-eye targets for scores, others have 3-D (life-like animal) targets and tall towers to shoot from. At well-equipped archery ranges, you could set your sight pins on everything from groundhogs to deer to caribou or possibly an African species. Practice sessions at these types of ranges can make you a much better and more accurate hunter next season. If you need a new bow, take a look at

There are also many ranges that host .22 rifle and pistol leagues during winter months, and joining one of these can possibly mean learning better firearms skills or receiving coaching in prone, kneeling and sitting positions from coaches or qualified staff. If you are married, remember to invite your spouse on your range trips. Also, there are a growing number of women-only shooting leagues and classes.

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The end of a hunting season does not have to mean the beginning of hibernation or a long period of inactivity. Find a league or indoor range and improve your marksman skills. The options for you to pull the trigger or release an arrow are nearly endless.